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FlashlightDealer.com offers a wide range of Pelican™ lighting, from small, personal flashlights to large lanterns to Remote Area Lighting Systems .. all of which helps to support professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday do-it-yourself hobbyists to accomplish their tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
FlashlightDealer.com offers the complete line of Streamlight® Flashlights, options, accessories and replacement parts. Streamlight...Do we need to say more? Whether you are going into battle, a burning building or trying to find the fuse panel in a storm, Streamlight Flashlights are the lights that professionals know and trust. Recognized around the world as the leading provider of high-performing, super bright, portable lights in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. Flashlight Dealer is proud to be an Authorized Service Center for all Streamlight® products.
The work you do every day is important. It might also be tough, dirty, grueling, and even dangerous. You know that having the right tools on hand makes your job easier, allowing you to be more productive. They also can play a major part in keeping you safe. Streamlight® & Pelican™ have created lighting suitable for many different applications.
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Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb or LED. More lumens means it's a brighter light. All lumens are based on the light’s lumen output on its highest setting.
Candela indicates the maximum luminous intensity typically along the central axis of a cone (beam) of light. This measures the brightest part of the beam. All candelas are based on the light’s candela rating on its highest setting.
Runtime is calculated in hours and is based on the light’s longest runtime available on its lowest setting.
Length values listed are in inches.
Price is calculated on the light’s base price without any options selected. Any light below your price will then be displayed.