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FlashlightDealer.com offers a wide range of Pelican™ lighting, from small, personal flashlights to large lanterns to Remote Area Lighting Systems .. all of which helps to support professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday do-it-yourself hobbyists to accomplish their tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
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Nothing beats the versatility of a Pelican™ hand-held flashlight. Easy to carry, stash in a pocket, or clip to a helmet, these lights do just about everything. And when hazardous areas are present, you can count on the Pelican™ line of safety certified lighting tools. You’ll even find photoluminescent models with “glow-in-the-dark” material to help you find your flashlight in an emergency.
When compact is a must or just a convenience, choose from the Pelican™ range of powerful lights. Whether composite or alloy, certified or colored, you’ll find the perfect model for your next job.
Colossal performance with lightweight designs. Features such as full time battery level indication, articulating light head and multiple light modes keep you in control of the job. Pelican™ is also a leader of high performance lithium-ion technology in portable lighting.
The Advanced Area Lighting Group from Pelican™ is bringing several dynamic products to the market. Each RALS is designed with LED technology to provide a better quality of light, high reliability and low energy consumption. The result is an energy efficient lighting solution with low long-term operating and maintenance costs.
With up to 500 lumens, revolutionary downcast lighting, USB charging and battery level indication, these Pelican™ headlamps are packed with features. Other options, including night vision friendly red illumination, interchangeable body colors and multiple settings, make these headlamps your best partner for the dark.
Pelican™ tactical lights are field ready and built to withstand the hard knocks that come with the job. Intense, focused beams provides downrange visability and peripheral lighting aids in situational awareness.
Firefighters put everything on the line and the correct lighting tools are critical. Right angle (90°) flashlights often worn on turnout coats offer hands-free performance. With extreme peak beam intensity and smoke-cutting penetration, these Pelican™ flashlights will get you in and out of tough situations safely.
From the garage to the refinery, you'll find a bright, efficient, and durable Pelican specialty flashlight to fit your needs.
Pelican™ Accessories for all your Pelican Flashlights. Find all the batteries, lenses, filters, chargers, cords, safety wands, and more for your Pelican.
FlashlightDealer.com is an authorized Pelican™, Streamlight®, and NightStick® Distributor
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Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb or LED. More lumens means it's a brighter light. All lumens are based on the light’s lumen output on its highest setting.
Candela indicates the maximum luminous intensity typically along the central axis of a cone (beam) of light. This measures the brightest part of the beam. All candelas are based on the light’s candela rating on its highest setting.
Runtime is calculated in hours and is based on the light’s longest runtime available on its lowest setting.
Length values listed are in inches.
Price is calculated on the light’s base price without any options selected. Any light below your price will then be displayed.